the hollow is a Montessori-inspired play space and early learning center offering a calm and joyful environment to share with your little one. We focus on the early years of childhood from birth to five years old.

the meadow

Our playroom, called the meadow, provides opportunities for movement and imaginative play. Materials are open-ended, non-toxic, and eco-conscious. Toys are rotated on a regular basis to keep things fresh and allow children to see materials in new ways.

Inspired by wooden materials and the childhood magic of playing among the trees, our stimulating environment was intentionally designed to combine purposeful, reality based experiences with imagination, movement, and play. Our space gives children the opportunity to socialize, grow in independence, and have fun and parents the opportunity to meet other families and gain inspiration for learning and play at home.

the den

Our Montessori-inspired room, called the den, is intentionally designed to encourage independence, build practical life skills, and develop language and vocabulary. Kids move freely around the room, choosing materials and cleaning up along the way.

Be sure to reserve your spot online before you arrive!

play school

A three-hour drop-off program providing socialization and education for kids ages 2-5 years. Class starts with a group morning circle, then an exploration of both the den (Montessori-inspired room) and the meadow (movement room). Play School meets three days per week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday