The Space

the hollow is located on the second floor of a charming, sun-lit building at 425 Rogers Ave in Prospect Lefferts Garden, Brooklyn. We have two playrooms: A Montessori-inspired classroom called the Den and a movement and open-ended playroom called the Meadow. Options for classes and free play are offered in both rooms. Be sure to reserve your spot online before you arrive! 


Our intentional space is purposefully designed to encourage independence. Furniture is low to the ground for easy access to materials. Activities are organized and developmentally appropriate. Kids are encouraged to freely choose materials and move around the room while cleaning up along the way. 


We believe the space children occupy should be as beautiful as spaces for adults. At the hollow, you’ll find colors and materials inspired by nature and lovely artwork and small details for kids to notice and enjoy. 

Open-Ended Play

The Meadow is filled with open-ended materials and toys, allowing kids to be in charge of the play narrative. Open-ended materials can be imagined into new and different objects every day. When play is child-led instead of toy-led, the possibilities are endless. 

Practical Life 

The Den provides children with opportunities to engage in practical life activities that encourage the development of fine motor skills, problem-solving, focus, perseverance, care of the environment, respect for others, and more.