Hello there!

We’re Tiffany and Liz. Friends, teachers, and moms to the cutest little boys.

We founded the hollow after searching for indoor play spaces that were clean, inviting, and diverse, but also provided a beautiful and calm environment that parents would want to be in too. A space that would provide children with a stimulating learning environment and allow parents to connect with other families and discover new ways to play and learn at home. That place didn’t exist for us, so we created it.

Family and community are very important to us.

We chose PLG because of its diverse culture yet underrepresented landscape for spaces dedicated to young children and families. It’s also the neighborhood Liz and Tiffany call home and where they run their home-based preschool, Sullivan Kids.

It’s our hope that the hollow is a place where families of all kinds can connect, learn, play, and find joy.